• High volume of Case Filings across US federal and state courts
  • Legal Filings are usually not machine readable
  • Enormous amount of Lawyer’s time is spent manually reviewing each case
  • OCR-->Text-->NLP to extract and create structured metadata from scanned text
  • Fokal ML Toolkit developed and deployed algorithm that mimics legal team assessment of cases
  • Fokal Automated pipelines to continually ingest, scan and match

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  • Key promo has been used on and off for years – but impact on revenue and margin unclear
  • Multiple factors at the store level impact sales so its hard to assess promo effectiveness
  • Marketing spend varies week over week which is an added variable
Fokal Data Services
  • Data Cultivation
  • Insight Extraction and Visualization
  • Massively Parallel Processing
  • Integrated client data with external cultivated data (census, BLS, reviews)
  • Delivered 360 viz to review KPIs
  • Provided additional demographic and behavioral insights
Fokal ML Services
  • Auto Feature Engineering
  • ML Toolkit
  • ML Interpretability Services
  • Assessed promo impact on multiple variables – revenue, profit, returns
  • Built models with 3rd party data overlay to understand impact of demographics on promo
  • Store segmentation with key variabes to show where the promo is effective - allowing targeted promos